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November 8, 2017


2017.07.25 - WSHE information update

Upon reviewing the 8K today can you advise:

Q1  Why all the resignations of directors?  Can I assume that the business plan reached a roadblock, is no longer feasible, and the directors lost interest in the Company?

Answer:   While we transition our business focus and ongoing filing requirements there is a

requirement for the long serving previous directors to move aside for a new team ..........​

NOTE: The Corporation's Board of Directors and Management while continuing its  review of opportunities presented within the medicinal space have expanded its  focus to recreational (currently within the State of Washington).  Based on our numerous due diligence investigations within the marijuana business space since July 2017 we are creating a road map to be a fully diversified and multi jurisdictional business segment leader centered on a historic and real Washington State experience.   

You can access our SEC Form 15 filing by clicking above.

September 11, 2017 Administration - Subject to our posted WSHE-FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) correspondence the Corporation has completed the full administrative agenda outlined and approved at our Shareholder meeting on March 27, 2017. You can access all related correspondence by going to our About Us page and clicking on WSHE-FINRA related buttons. 

administrative update

november 15, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT- November 20, 2017


Golden, Colorado - E-Debit Global Corporation (the "Corporation") announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on the 8th day of September 2017 with Affordable Green Holding, LLC in order to conduct joint reviews, due diligence investigations and negotiations to merge their respective business operations to form a new or combined business entity.


Doug Mac Donald, President of E-Debit Global Corporation advises "we have successfully commenced the first stage of our review of the mutual business opportunities being presented by Affordable Green Holdings, LL ) "AGH").  Since its inception in 2008 AGH has been at the forefront of the State of Washington's regulated medicinal marijuana business space expanding into the recreational marketplace in 2012.  AGH holds a balanced combination of experience and expertise that includes a licensed CPA, an Equities Trader, a retired NFL athlete with a degree in Marketing, a Biologist with 6+ years in the cannabis space, a formally trained cannabis compliance officer, a botanist and many other levels of professional partners and industry support positions."

​"We are looking forward positively to the final stages of our mutual reviews and believe our eight month examination of numerous opportunities presented during our ongoing investigation of opportunities with this burgeoning business space has successfully brought us to the AGH group, a segment leading diversified cannabis company that is vertically integrated through the marijuana business space.  Further advice will be forthcoming." added Mr. Mac Donald  

Doug Mac Donald on behalf of the E-Debit Global Corporation ​​Board of Directors


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operational update 

november 20, 2017