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Answers to recent shareholder enquiries 

July 25, 2017


2017.07.25 - WSHE information update

1a.         It looks as if Nature's Way Management Group Inc. was created by E-Debit Global a few weeks ago on the Colorado website.  Is this true?  Is this going to be the new name or something?     .............Adam

Answer:   In regards to Nature's Way Management Group Inc. - During our review of the opportunities being presented to us related to the medicinal marijuana sector which we outlined in our posted Q&A response 1.b the Corporation looked ...................................

NOTE:  During the period WSHE was engaged in its administrative oversight and FINRA compliance the Corporation's Board of Directors and Management continued its financial review of opportunities presented within the medicinal marijuana space (particularly in the State of California) and opportunities within both medicinal and recreational in the States of Nevada, Colorado and Washington.

Our majority controlled subsidiary Nature's Way Management Group Inc. is our point of entry into the medicinal and recreational marijuana business space.  You can access Nature's Way business model by clicking on the link below. ​​


uPDATED September 12, 2017

​NOTE TO READERS AND SHAREHOLDERS- We are constantly updating our web-site to ensure the most current and ongoing corporate business reporting is available to all.  The historical postings will be placed for reference within the web-site and can be accessed on the related buttons on the front page.  For full transparency you can access our historical front page postings by clicking on the About Us button above.

operational update 

September 12, 2017

You can access our SEC Form 15 filing by clicking above.

AS OF AUGUST 23, 2017

The Board of Directors of E-Debit Global Corporation are:

Robby Eskanos, Judy Campbell, Douglas Mac Donald 

September 11, 2017 Administration - Subject to our posted WSHE-FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) correspondence the Corporation has completed the full administrative agenda outlined and approved at our Shareholder meeting on March 27, 2017. You can access all related correspondence by going to our About Us page and clicking on WSHE-FINRA related buttons. 

administrative update

September 11, 2017


Results of the Corporations ongoing review has resulted in WSHE entering into several strategic Relationships which both the Corporation and the Relationship Parties are currently  conducting 2nd stage financial and operational reviews and "Due Diligence" Investigations.  Upon release of Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement clauses those relationships will be reported.   We caution both our shareholders and readers that as of September 12, 2017 the Corporation has not determined if any of the strategic relationships we are reviewing will meet positive acceptance as an appropriate opportunity to participate in.  We further advise that over the past 30 days we have reviewed multiple opportunities and to this date our review found those opportunities were not able to meet our legal, financial and operational first stage required standards. 


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