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July 25, 2017


2017.07.25 - WSHE information update

1a.         It looks as if Nature's Way Management Group Inc. was created by E-Debit Global a few weeks ago on the Colorado website.  Is this true?  Is this going to be the new name or something?     .............Adam

Answer:   In regards to Nature's Way Management Group Inc. - During our review of the opportunities being presented to us related to the medicinal marijuana sector which we outlined in our posted Q&A response 1.b the Corporation looked ...................................

oPERATIONAL announcements

announcements coming


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- Operational Update - The Corporation's Officers are:

President & CEO- Douglas Mac Donald, -Vice President- Sonja Dreyer, - CFO-Kim Law

The Board of Directors of E-Debit Global Corporation are:

Douglas Mac Donald, Sonja Dreyer, Judy Campbell and Robby Eskanos

August 11, 2017 Administration - FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) upon WSHE's request to enact the slate of approved resolutions of E-Debit Global Corporation's shareholder meeting of March 27, 2017 issued a Deficiency Notice related to the Proposed 1-300 Reverse Split request.

Based on the receipt of FINRA's correspondence to our submission (you can access the FINRA response by clicking on the FINRA Letter button below) the Corporation advised by return correspondence WSHE would not pursue its privilege of appeal but would comply with the notice and initiate the other shareholder resolutions of the meeting of March 27, 2017 and commence the development of the business of the Corporation (you can access our correspondence to FINRA by clicking on the WSHE button below).


E-Debit Global Corporation from 2001 through to March 2014 was a publicly listed company and reporting issuer with the SEC and Alberta/British Columbia

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- Operational Update - The Corporation's Board of Directors and Management continues its business focus on the medicinal marijuana space with the States of California, Nevada, Colorado and Washington.  Management has and continues its discussions with multiple industry participants to find the right opportunities that meet the legal, financial and operational requirements of the Corporation.  

The Board of Directors of E-Debit Global Corporation


uPDATED August 11, 2017

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administrative update

august 11, 2017



Administrative  Notices

June 26-29  Administration - The Corporation in its reorganization and its efforts to re-establish itself as a fully reporting issuer has commenced the filings to OTC Corporate Actions - FINRA Operations to enact the first slate of approved resolutions of E-Debit Global Corporation's shareholder meeting of March 27, 2017.​