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                      ​E-DEBIT global corporation initiates canadian joint venture :                            nature's way agri-business corporation         

FEBRUARY 14, 2018


uPDATED April 11, 2018

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administrative updates

April 12, 2018

important answer to shareholder inquiry      

April 11, 2018

                         ​E-DEBIT global corporation's asset purchase agreement with                                    AGH wa, llc OPERATING AS AFFORDABLE GREEN HOLDINGS

march 18, 2017

December 18, 2017 - Administration - With the announcement of the Acquisition of AGH WA, LLC as per the Company's  WSHE-FINRA (the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) posted correspondence the Company has completed the full administrative and operational agenda outlined and approved at our Shareholder meeting on March 27, 2017. You can access all related correspondence by going to our About Us page and clicking on WSHE-FINRA related buttons. 


E-Debit Global Corporation from 2001 through to March 2014 was a publicly listed company and reporting issuer with the SEC and Alberta/British Columbia

RECENT ANNOUNCEMENT - February 14, 2018


Golden, Colorado - E-Debit Global Corporation (OTC Markets: WSHE) ("E-Debit", WSHE" or the Company") in furtherance of its efforts to build a vertically integrated, and geographically diversified company has entered into a Canadian strategic transaction and partnership with Alberta corporation GreenSight Limited ("GreenSight') with the January 16, 2018 establishment of Alberta based Nature's Way Agri-Business Corporation ("Nature's Way").

The joining of E-Debit and Affordable Green Holdings, LLC and their excess of experience built on eight (8) years.​.....................(NOTE:  You can access our full release by clicking on the Link below)

Answers to recent shareholder inquiries 

April 3, 2018


2018.04.03 - OTC: QB up-lift

On Tuesday the 3rd of April 2018 Mathew asked "What benefit to the company is uplifting WSHE to QTC: QB?":

Q1:  One question I keep forgetting to ask is if WSHE intends to up-list to the OTC: QB since it has been trading over a penny for several month now what benefit does that bring to the Company?

Answer:   Thank you Mathew for your e-mail and your question related to up-listing to the OTC: QB.  I can advise this has been an ongoing discussion over the past four months and in preparation to re-engage as a fully reporting issuer we have been updating all our filings and particularly our financials...........................................

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                         E-DEBIT global corporation ANNOUNCES  RESULTS OF THE                   annual meeting of Shareholders and election of All directors - march 29, 2018 - Tacoma, Washington       

March 31, 2018

2018.04.11 - company name change  - STATUS OF aFFORDABLE GREEN HOLDINGS ACQUISITION 

On Thursday the 12th of April 2018 Lawrence asked "Can you give me an update as to where we are at with the name change to GREENLINK and the status of the Affordable Green Holding LLC purchase:

Answer 1:   Thank you Lawrence for your inquiry related to the Company submission to FINRA (US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) for a change of the Company's name from E-Debit Global Corporation to GREENLINK International Inc. We originally made inquiries with FINRA to initiate the name change on the January 26, 2018 after we entered into definitive purchase agreements with AGH WA, LLC (operating as Affordable Green Holdings).  Acting on FINRA advice to submit a request for a new CUSIP number we obtained CUSIP #39537G 104 on February 14, 2018 while in parallel we submitted responses to FINRA comments (questions) associated to their initial review which on April 9, 2018 we received notification our request had moved into a secondary review stage which we remain. 

At our AGM (Annual General Meeting) in Tacoma, Washington on March 29, 2018 the Shareholders ratified and approved a change of name of the Company.  You can access the results of the Annual General Meeting by clicking on the link below "Results of Shareholder Meeting" 

As the review process moves forward we will update upon receipt of further advice. 

Answer 2:   With regard to the Affordable Green Holdings ("AGH") purchase, during the ongoing "Due Diligence" investigation and review conducted both by AGH and the Company the complexities related to a Share Purchase Agreement associated to the Limited Liability status of AGH has resulted in the conditions related to the purchase to change to an "Asset Purchase Agreement" whereby E-Debit Global Corporation will purchase the current assets held by AGH, including Real Property assets and Options to Purchase Real Property, Inventory, Service and Leasing contracts, Brand Names and Trademarks and other related assets.  We have set a date for construction of a comprehensive Asset Purchase Agreement to be completed on or about the 15th of April 2018 with a closing date of May 1, 2018.  

At our AGM in Tacoma, Washington on March 29, 2018 the Shareholders ratified and approved the purchase by the Corporation the assets of AGH WA, LLC.  You can access the results of the Annual General Meeting by clicking on the link below "Results of Shareholder Meeting". 


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March 29, 2018

TACOMA, Washington (March 29, 2018) - E-Debit Global Corporation (OTCMKTS - "WSHE.PK") held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders on March 28, 2018 in Tacoma, Washington.  A total of 570,455,372 common shares, representing 67.4% of the shares outstanding  (845,910,852) were represented in person and by proxy at the meeting.

The Notice of annual Meeting of Shareholders, the Management Information Statement and resolutions presented to the shareholders at the Annual Meeting, as previously posted can be accessed by clicking on the 14-C Link below:


THE RESULTS OF THE SHAREHOLDER MEETING and the resolutions voted upon at the Annual Meeting of the Holders of Common Shares of the Corporation can be access by clicking on the Link below: