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​NOTE TO READERS AND SHAREHOLDERS - We are constantly updating our web-site to ensure the most current and ongoing corporate business reporting is available to all.  The historical postings will be placed for reference within the web-site and can be access on the related buttons on the front page. 


March 27, 2017 - As per published notification set out in this web-site a meeting of the shareholders was held at 10:00 am MST at #12 - 3620 -29th Street NE Calgary, Alberta. 

There were 9 Proposals presented to the shareholders (as outlined in the Amended 2017 Shareholder tab on our website) - Proposals 1 through 8 were all unanimously carried with no additional proposals as called for in Proposal #9 presented.  The following 8 proposals presented to the shareholder meeting and approved are highlighted as follows:

  • Proposal 1. Board of Directors elected
  • Douglas Mac Donald
  • Robert L. Robins
  • M. Bernd Reuscher
  • Sonja Dreyer
  • Robby Eskanos
  • Coby Boyce 
  • Proposal 2. Presentation of prepared financial statements (will be posted for viewing by clicking on the Financials button)
  • Proposal 3. Amendment to the shareholder authorized Reverse split consolidation of the Corporation's Common Stock on March 1, 2014 from 200 to 1 to 300 to 1
  • Proposal 4. ​Corporate Reorganization to facilitate change of control opportunities
  • Proposal 5. Approval for the sale of current corporate assets held by the Corporation prior to or in the event of a change of control of the Corporation
  • Proposal 6. Approval of Board Authority to convert 100% of the Preferred Shares of the Corporation to Common Stock
  • Proposal 7. To re-engage as a fully reporting issuer on the OTCQB
  • Proposal 8. To retain and engage a replacement Transfer Agent for the Corporation

All Corporate Notices regularly filed can be accessed here


E-Debit Global Corporation from 2001 through to March 2014 was a publicly listed company and reporting issuer with the SEC and Alberta/British Columbia

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note to the shareholders


​To:  The Shareholders of E-Debit Global Corporation

From:  Coby Boyce

I was very pleased to be approached several month ago , by Doug Mac Donald, CEO and an original founder of E-Debit Global Corporation to take a look at what opportunities  could be brought forward that could build on nearly twenty years of business operations within the financial service business sector.

I became ....................>